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Have the kids left home and left their toys in the loft? You may well be surprised to learn how much they could be worth.

Demand for old toys is at an all time high, whether they be antique pieces, retro from the 1960s or more modern from 1990s. As this interest is growing from strength to strength, Mulberry Bank Auctions are planning their first specialist toy sale in Autumn this year.

From the traditional train sets and well-loved teddy bears to Pokémon cards, boxes of mixed Lego, Barbies and Action man figures, they can all command a high price at auction. Old Star Wars and Marvel style toys are also a favourite alongside 80s favourites such as My Little Pony, He-man and Polly Pockets.

Mulberry bank auctions have a wealth of knowledge and experience in selling toys and are happy to advise on any collections. Please contact us for more information and for a valuation.

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